Add another surgery to the list

While we're in Seattle, Ethan had his six month check-in with his orthopedist, Dr. White. 

Dr. White agreed that it would make sense to look out the outer edge of the timing window for Ethan's hip reconstruction.  This will give Ethan more time to develop so that he can better understand what's happening and can participate more in his recovery. 

But, that may not matter because we got bad news about Ethan's spinal kyphosis.  It's degraded from a 50 degree curve to a 60 degree curve.   That basically takes it out of the "we'll keep an eye on it" category, and puts it in the "we'll probably have to operate within the next 2 years" category.   That means posterior and anterior spinal fusion. 

Ethan will have a spine MRI when we're in Minnesota and that will tell us if the curve is impeding the flow of spinal fluid in his lower spine. We won't necessarily wait for that to happen, but once it does, corrective surgery becomes more urgent. 

In the meantime, there's general agreement that Ethan's knock-kneedism is getting worse. But the general thinking is that it can wait until he needs surgery for something else. 

Obviously, there's more to say here.  But I'll hold off until we have a chance to review and consider the doctor's written report.


Teresa Jeffery said…
Don't know what to say, but :-( boo probably sums it up. Hugs to you all xxx
Maanya said…
God bless Ethan brave boy to live quality life. As a parent you are doing wonderful.