T+321: Karate Kids

As Ethan approaches his one year anniversary for BMT II, his energy level has been increasing in leaps and bounds. At the same time, Ethan's also started mimicking some karate moves that he saw on tv. So I figured I'd take him to a karate class and see what happened. 

Ethan, Caleb and I all went to a lesson today to see how the boys liked it. Ethan had a great time! He couldn't wait to get on the mat. Caleb, on the other hand was leery. He sat out for the first ten minutes and watched; at least until Ethan came over and told him to come on and play. Then Caleb joined in. 

Both boys had a fantastic time! I participated too, but my job was basically to help Ethan participate and keep him focused. It was a 40 minute lesson. Ethan made it about 25 minutes, then he was in and out for the rest of the lesson. 

Caleb had a great time! I talked to the school master and he thinks Ethan will settle into things at an age appropriate level. And since Caleb is doing it, Ethan will be into it, too. So, we're going to sign up for a two week trial and see how it goes. 

There were two highlights for me. The first was finding an activity outside of the house that Caleb wants to try. The second was that during the lesson the teacher prompted each of the kids to jump as high as they can, and Ethan actually jumped!! That's the first time he's actually used his legs to propel himself off the ground. I don't think he made it a full centimeter, but I will absolutely take what I can get!

I like the idea of karate for him because it's not a team activity so Ethan doesn't have to worry about others complaining that he's not keeping up. And the exercises and movements may will help him retain flexibility in his joints and improve his muscle tone. If we keep it geared appropriately for him, I think it could be a big help for him over a number of years.

Yaay for Caleb and Ethan! I hope both of them continue to have fun with it!


Wow ~ Great Idea ~ for both boys! Looking forward to when they get their first belt. (is that Karate? or Judo?) Anyway - have a wonderful time!
Mary Anne
Karla in MN said…
That is so great! I am happy to hear that things are going so well. Our kids enjoyed Tae Kwan Do for several years...great exercise! God bless, You are all still in my prayers, I think of all of the Ronald McDonald House families often.
Karla Baca