MPS Society: Sponsor a Child for a Cure

The boys @ RMH, shortly after Ethan
was released from the hospital.

An important note to our friends and family and everyone who has been following Ethan's fight. 

Sarah and I will be sponsoring a runner in the BioMarin MPS Run to be held in Novato, CA on October 2. The participant will have this picture of Ethan and Caleb on his/her shirt and run in Ethan's honor and in recognition of Ethan's fantastic older brother, Caleb.  We need your help to make a strong showing for Ethan, for those like him that are still fighting, and in memory of the children who have lost their battle against these horrible diseases.

This is the time to contribute.  Your tax deductible contribution to the U.S. MPS Society will make a difference.  Research is progressing and new therapies are nearing or just beginning clinical trials.  Most importantly, perhaps, new families are being diagnosed every day, including a newly diagnosed little girl we met just the other day. Your contribution supports research towards a cure and always essential family support programs.

If you are able to commit to a donation today, please send us an e-mail at <> and let us know how much you can contribute.   We'll get back to you with specifics about where you can send your donation or how you can donate online. 

If you are not able to commit to a donation today, Sarah and I will be posting regular reminders, so don't worry.

Funding research for rare diseases starts with the people who know about the disease.  If we don't donate, who will?

Thank you, very, very much.