T+10 Update

A quick update.

Ethan was taken to radiology at 3 this afternoon. But even with the seditive affects a whole bunch of morphine in his system, he did not lay still enough for the scan.

They'll have to do a sedated CT on Monday unless the BMT docs request an emergency CT tomorrow.

Hopefully, this extra time will show that the antibiotics can work against this infection and the scan won't be necessary at all.

I'll post additional updates as when we know more.
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Anonymous said…
Oh geez. Hope he improves quickly. <3 Lynda
swijenaike said…
best of luck to you all!! hopefully the delay is a blessing in disguise.
Gordon said…
As always we are praying for you. We pray that the antibiotics are working. On a brighter note Happy Birthday to Sarah. Have a Blessed Easter. He is Risen and Ethan is in His care.