Lung Biopsy

Ethan is in recovery and doing well.

Purple pajamas in prep for biopsy

Todd reports that the surgeon was very happy with how the biopsy went, which we hope means he was able to do the simpler surgery and that he got a good sample of the gunk in the lung.  The anesthesiologist reports no problem visualizing the airway (often a problem in kids with Hurlers), and Ethan's O2 saturation levels in recovery are at 100%..perfect!  He was in some pain, so they've given him light pain meds and he's knocked out.  The plan is that he will be in-patient for a couple days on the BMT ward.  Then we'll be back at the House probably on an anti-fungal medication.

Thanks to all of you who were thinking of us today!

(By the way...the "boo-boo" on his head above his right eye...fell backwards down some stairs...nice to know he's still very much a 2-year-old!)


Anonymous said…
That is such great news, Todd! I am glad to hear the biopsy went well. Thanks for keeping us posted.
Stay warm -- Nguyen
Cheryl said…
What wonderful news about his airways, even andrews are not that good and couldn't ask for better than 100% O2. Woohoo! Ethan is a little fighter and with so many prayers going out for him right now, I know he will do great. Hugs to you all and a high five to Caleb! So glad all went well with the biopsy.