Thursday, October 29, 2009

They finally hooked up Ethan's transplant at 430 yesterday afternoon.  

As part of the transplant regime, they'd given him some benadryl to control any allergic reaction, and that tired him out.  He fell asleep just as they were hooking him up and slept through the transplant.

Sarah was at the hospital yesterday, and is on hospital duty today and tomorrow.  I left, right after they hooked him up to get home to see Caleb.

Sarah posted the following on Facebook at about 9 last night, which sums up yesterday evening:

Ethan is sleeping. A bit rough towards the end...some vomiting(they actually usually say "puking" here, who'd a thunk) but with a few extra drugs he seems to be settling. His blood pressure has been up a bit but they're dosing him for that too. Tough little eagle as my folks would say. 
I talked to her this morning, and it sounds like overnight was about more of the same.  A couple more incidents of vomiting, medication to bring his blood pressure down.

Sarah reports that Ethan's throat was a little raw after the vomiting.  She asked for some pain meds for him and they've given him some morphine.

The doctors say that we're within the normal range of reaction.  They seem confident that they can control the reactions through various medications.

Sarah and Lilianne will be at the hospital today.  Sounds like Sarah only got about an hour and a half or two hours of sleep.  Hopefully, she'll force herself to get some sleep.  (Hear that, honey, go get some sleep!)

Caring for Ethan at the hospital is tiring hard work.  But for those of us who are not at the hospital with him, I think the waiting is much more stressful.  When you're at the hospital, you can see how he's doing, you can talk to the doctors and nurses about medications and options.   When you're not there, you don't know any of that, and it's too easy to focus on everything that can and could be going wrong.

Unfortunately, the length of Ethan's likely hospitalization and the weakness in his immune system limits his visitors.  Most of us are watching from a distance and waiting.  

As much as all of us may want to take this burden from him, Ethan is the one doing the work and all any of us can do is support him whether we're at the hospital or through thoughts and prayers.

Everything looks to be progressing as it should, and that is the best we can hope for.

There are some pictures up on facebook. If you can't open the page using the address below, send me an e-mail and I'll send you a hyperlink.